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My first flash!

2011-03-29 21:05:14 by machamp999

Well i just posted my first flash and its going under judgement! Hoorah...
Please send some feed back and tell me what you think of it guys. Thanks.



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2011-03-29 22:25:40

That sucked. Like really, that was just some animated gif. I mean the only reason that passed is because people here are too nice, they voted one when they should've voted zero.

machamp999 responds:

This is what i was talking about in the description of the flash. DONT BE A DOUCHE.


2011-03-30 05:09:09

Uh.. this wasn't even a flash. You just stole some gifs, while risking getting caught by ZE CYBERPOLICE and err *coughs*... No wait.. Okay..
I just want to tell you, that you really don't need flash for such "animations".
Start with some easy drawings, make your own sounds (always a good idea - People like new sounds, they are rare) and... well... Listen to their feedback.
But don't start using flash by using the wrong way.

I hope you can understand me, because my english sux :3


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